How to Grow your List Fast!

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Build Your List

You hear it everywhere online….”The Money is in the List”…..And, much of this is true, however it’s not having a list but having a responsive list to targeted traffic that is the secret to making money online. Without , good quality content, relevant to those on your list you will have trouble making any money at all no matter no matter how big your list may be.

So how and where do you start?????

First, you need an autoresponder, like AWeber or First Response, to connect those hungry for more information about what you have to offer. You want to have these folks visit your squeeze page where you will request that they will give you their name and e-mail address to receive the information that you have for them. This way you will connect those interested to what you have to offer to join your list and receive the info or product that you have promised. The autoresponder service takes care of all of the logistics of keeping your list and makes it easy for you send e-mails out to your list. You can set-up a whole series of e-mails to go out at different intervals or create broadcast messages to inform those on your list of important time sensitive information.

From your autoresponder you will be able to thank those who have signed up to your list. You will also be able to connect with these people over and over again with more quality content as well as offers for products that will supplement the information that you have provided.

Now to begin to grow you list you have many options, only two of which I will denote here, since they seem to be two of the easiest ways to start building your list quickly. First join as many giveaways as possible. Giveaway events happen all through the year. These events join groups of marketers together to offer a whole range of great “free” products for those willing to give their name and e-mail addresses in exchange for these great gifts. You can add your offer with your squeeze page and start to build your list immediately. And since there are a whole group of marketers joined for these events you can the benefits from everyone’s list. This is great way to build your list fast!

Another way to build your list is to participate in ad swaps with other marketers. There are many places that promote swaps between list holders. I have found that “My Private Swap” to be a great service that connect s marketers to other marketers who are interested in swapping. Tim Bekker’s “My Private Swap” site is very easy to use with a large group of members with lists of all various sizes. The site features an easy way to invite others to swap with you. A member can simply add a request for a swap on your calendar. Next you upload the material you wish to send your swap partner, add the information that they have sent you to provide to your list, put the info into your e-mail autoresponder and watch your list grow!

I hope you will find this info helpful as you endeavor to start and ultimately grow a huge, responsive list. Let me know by dropping a comment if this post was helpful to you.
Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

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