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Marketing with Alice

You may have heard this term and wondered what this was all about??? Is it something to do with BP and its oil leak problem?????

The term oil rig hopping is a term that I first heard from my coach, Alex Jeffreys in one of our training sessions and it really does have a very unique story to it.

You may not be aware (like I wasn’t) that some of the world’s best fishing can be done around the massive structures of oil rigs out in the ocean.

Oil Rig hopping has been described as an analogy for internet marketing. If you can imagine an oil rig’s massive structure out in the middle of the ocean, this is like your blog, out in the huge ocean of the internet. Now on the legs of the oil rigs you will find algae growing, this is the perfect place to find little clams coming along to feed on the algae. And, where you find little clams, there will soon be little fish circling around and feeding on these little clams. Soon before you know it larger fish will be attracted to the little fish and will begin their feast.  Then low and behold even large fish will come to feed on the smaller fish who are eating yet smaller fish, who are feeding on the little clams who are feeding on the algae.  Soon the whole area around the oil rig will have fish of every size of fish from very smallest  to the largest tuna and sharks in the world.

This analogy is likening our blog on the internet to the whole scenario of oil rig hopping.

Our blog content is the algae. The clams are like the folks who to leave comments on our blog. The little fish are those who see the comments and come to take a closer look…. and before you know it whole schools of huge fish (customers  interested in what we have to say) will stop in to see what all the fuss is about.

We can hop from one blog to another all the while providing valuable content and assistance to others as we build relationship with them.  Being active and offering great content will bring a huge amount of traffic to your site. So stay active in on your blog, provide solid, valuable content and share with others by visiting their sites and adding your comments.

I’d like to hear from you if you would like to add something! I hope to be hopping to your blog soon!


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